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  1. This is such a great work you are doing…. reaching out to the innocent, broken hearted young ones is so important. Believe me, God will surely bless you.

  2. Hello,

    My name is Jennifer Vandermeer and I am a industrial design student from Carleton University located in Ottawa, Ontario. For the programs final project, a group or students and I have partnered with an organization called CanUgan to design assistive devices to people with disabilities living in the rural areas of Uganda. Our goal for designing these devices is to create a sense of empowerment to the user we are designing for.

    I have decided to focus on designing assistive devices for children to enable them education or to be able to contribute to their family/community. I was wondering if there was someone willing to contact me to talk about this great organization, and if they have seen any need for certain devices in Uganda that are non existent or need to be redesigned.

    Thank you so much for the work that you do, and for taking the time to read my email.


  3. Keep up the Great work, God Bless You All.
    Mother Theresa: “If we Have No peace it is Because we have Forgotten that we Belong to Each Other”
    Alnoor ladhani

  4. I love peace! Peace begins with me. Everybody has to live harmoniously with each other. thank you for supporting our nation in its transformation.

  5. Wooo …i love your two thoughts,….
    Hoping for God’s love.,…thank you so much for your message, am honestly impressed. am so glad that even at that difficult time of loosing your grandfather, you made a powerful decision to make peace… yes, Kony has caused us so much pain, but we are teaching our children to forgive him.
    Kindly would you like to write to us more? childrenofpeaceuganda@gmail.com.

    God’s Peace be with you.

  6. Peace. A word that is always on my mind. peace. a matter that everyone should understand deeply to create a world which will be nice for everyone. i’m not a very kind person myself but, i’m saying this so people won’t be like me, so children of the world will know what does kind and peace really means since childhood life determines their life as a grown up . i’m 17 and after the death of my grandfather, i decided to change myself, decided to bring peace. What i want to share is, what makes man hates peace. Joseph Kony, a man that is bad and evil in the eyes of people who have been mistreated by him (especially the children) is a man that goes through life with so much wrongdoings. but, behind his evil doings, people especially children should know that what makes him is because what kind of feelings is taught or is shown to him. the nature and the attitude that he was going through during his childhood. Childhood must be fill with harmony and parents must teach their children the meaning of life, why do god create them and most importantly is why must they obey god’s rule. this world is for us to share. if you want place for a yourself, find another planet. one more thing is, for the children who lives in an atmosphere full of hatred, childrens who have parents that do not treat them well, remember that god is giving this to you because you are the one that is strong enough to face it(the same goes to the ones in uganda). this is all that i want to say. I’m just a human. i’m just god’s creation. but, i want to be one that is useful to the world. hope you can pray for my dreams. may we live in a world that satisfies every desire in a good way. thank you Allah. i love peace

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